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Top 10 Digital Banking Solution Companies in UK - 2021

Digitisation has been revamping industries in the way they operate and communicate with consumers. And pretty much like every sector, the financial services sector has not been exempted from the effects of digitisation. With the rise of online and mobile-friendly solutions as essential inclusions in the modern banking process, customers are increasingly resorting to paperless banking services.

Especially amid the backdrop of the pandemic rage where businesses are speedily espousing remote working capabilities, banks are adopting “banking-as-a-service” (BaaS) digital platforms to enhance their financial services and better serve their customers in an increasingly mobile dominated market. However, only a BaaS platform with useful features is not enough in such a competitive industry. Hence, banks are also focusing on one-of-a-kind, intuitive experiences through the BaaS digital platform customised around the user’s needs.

Alongside, banks with digital platforms are also growing a keen interest in attaining and retaining their customers through IoT by making sure their BaaS platform is compatible with various devices. This includes notifying customers when their account has been accessed by an unfamiliar device or having the ability to monitor activity from anywhere, anytime.

At this juncture, to assist financial service providers and help them move in the right direction while adopting banking technologies, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with the editorial board of Financial Tech Review, has selected the leading banking solution providers who can help banks advocate innovative technological products to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

We present to you Financial Tech Review’s “Top 10 Digital Banking Solution Companies in UK – 2021.”

    Top Digital Banking Solution Companies in UK

  • Q2


    Q2 is a financial experience company dedicated to providing digital banking and lending solutions to banks, credit unions, alternative finance, and fintech companies


  • WHISHWORKS is a global IT services and consulting company that helps organisations to accelerate business outcomes through digital enablement, seamless connectivity, and data transformation


  • BankFlex


    BankFlex has been designed by banking technologists who have invested hundreds of years in building a comprehensive, robust and functionally rich solution that is highly-secure, scalable and configurable

  • BVNK


    BVNK's mission is to make core banking easy. Through an innovative design, we are able to increase flexibility, reduce costs, and enable banks to easily integrate "best of breed" Fintechs and technology

  • Entersekt


    Entersekt is an innovator of mobile-first fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on its patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. Whether pursuing compliance through strong authentication and state-of-the-art app security or looking to meet consumer demand for on-the-go information sharing and payment capabilities, Entersekt’s clients always enjoy a competitive advantage

  • Finmatic Financial Software Solutions

    Finmatic Financial Software Solutions

    The FinMatic Software was designed to disrupt the bank industry and to provide its clients with a competitive advantage. Many online/mobile banking software solutions can’t handle the growing flow of new customer onboarding procedures and increasing payment transaction numbers, which leads to AML and security modules being overloaded, freezing customer funds and accounts, which subsequently increases the load on the customer support department. The company's Software solution easily outperforms similar solutions being made by a team with 12 years of experience in FinTech, banking software development and expertise in machine learning, Big Data and PSD2

  • GCP Software

    GCP Software

    GCP provides innovative software solutions to support banks and financial institutions in their digital transformation. GCP offers its customers with technology that helps them to make the difference and succeed in the digital space. All GCP products are fast to implement, easy to customise, simple to maintain and deployable On-Premise and SaaS

  • ieDigital


    ieDigital provides financial services organizations with the ability to transform their digital customer experience. The company do this through Interact - a powerful software platform, whose prebuilt components enable our clients to quickly deliver customized solutions to market. By integrating into any core banking system and fintech ecosystem, ieDigital combine the functionality to improve the customer experience, accelerate growth, optimize cost efficiency and manage risk

  • Innovative Software Solutions,Inc

    Innovative Software Solutions,Inc

    With over 250 Benefit Fund Offices and TPA clients in the U.S. and Canada, ISSI is byfar the leading provider of Benefits Administration computer systems and services tothe Taft-Hartley industry

  • Ozone API

    Ozone API

    Ozone API is the leading standards based platform that handles the complexity of open banking, making it easy for any financial institution to meet both regulatory and commercial requirements for an open API

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